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Corin Wright


a bit about me:

Corin Wright is a Celebrity Tailor, Costume Designer, Wardrobe Specialist , Entrepreneur and a Fashion pundit. With over twenty years in the fashion industry, she is a Style Enthusiast that brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to both her clients and budding fashion professionals. She is a true example of one who has turned her passion into a career. Corin is the owner of            

Style Haven® a full service boutique.  Her work has been featured on: The Grammy Awards, VMA's, and Alvin Ailey American Dance to name a few. Corin currently runs the day to day operations of her mobile boutique Style Haven ® and freelances as a tailor and dresser for theater, tv, print and live performances.  

Corin is a member of IATSE Local Wardrobe Union 764 & a BERNINA Ambassador.

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