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Getting control of your sewing machine!

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Yes, you can even sew paper with your sewing machine💅🏾

In high school my Fashion Design teacher introduced me to an industrial Singer! Those machines are like workhorses & the motor roars like a race car. When you step on the pedal the needle zooms. One of the ways that my teacher prepared me for handling these machines was to sew on lined paper🤯 I sewed my fingers many times but I eventually graduated into curves, squares & circles👏🏾 Because of this practice, I can hop on an industrial machine with the best of them & hold my own 😁

I've constructed 7 practice sheets for you to print out & practice on your own. There are levels to this so start @ 1 then progress to 7. When you reach 7 you are ready to add thread & bobbin to your machine & start practicing on fabric. Good luck & remember slow & steady wins the race!!!

Step 1: Print out your practice sheets & make as many copies that you need

Sewing Practice Sheets
Download PDF • 1.50MB

Step 2: Remove your thread & bobbin from your sewing machine

Step 3: Starting with Practice Sheet #1 sew along the lines, increasing the speed as you

get comfortable

Step 4: When you graduate to #2 Pivots sew your straight line when you reach the

corner leave your needle down in your paper. Lift your dresser foot, turn your

paper, lower your presser foot & continue the straight line

Step 5: #4 Curved lined takes serious control. Take it easy when hitting the continuous


Step 6: #7 incorporates all of the steps in one design. Happy sewing!!!

Drop a comment bellow & let me know if these practice sheets helped you get control of your machine.

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