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Body Measurements The Wright Way!

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Whether your sewing from a pattern or shopping online you will need basic measurements to get an accurate fit.

Don’t you worry it’s not as daunting as it sounds…I’m here to help you out with a few tips.

What you will need:

👙 Form fitting clothes

📏 A flexible measurement tape (not metal)

🙏🏾 An extra pair of hands to help you

measure the parts that you physically

can’t reach

🪡 The tape should fit comfortably around your curves. Remember you’re measuring for

clothing…the tighter you pull the tape the smaller your clothing will be 😣

🪡 To find your natural waist bend over. The part that makes the crease is your natural

waist usually about 4” below your belly button

🪡 when measuring your bust & hips make sure the tape is wrapped around the fullest

part of your curves

🪡 When measuring your bicep 💪🏾 make a muscle. You want that measurement to be

flexible so your garment moves with your movement.

🪡 When measuring yourself use a mirror. Looking down while measuring messes up

your measurements.

🪡 Keep a notepad close by to write down your measurements

Sign up to download a free measurement sheet here

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